Booking advantages
  • Exclusive discount of 10% on all rooms, always
  • Minibar free for the first night
  • Flexibility for changes and cancellations
  • Free room upgrade (subject to availability)
  • Early check-in and late check-out (on request and subject to availability)

Green Jazz

We are honoured to call “home” a land of rare beauty, and accordingly we do everything we can, day in, day out, to preserve it and to limit our impact on the environment that surrounds us.

Every single thing we do can make the difference, and to this end we request your help with a few simple but effective things while you are our guests.

  • The electricity in the rooms only comes on when the key is inserted into the dedicated slot near the door – this is to avoid any wasted electricity when you are not in your room, without you having to remember to turn the lights off every time you leave.
  • The air conditioning in the rooms is set to work in different ways depending on whether or not you are in the room.
  • The bathrooms feature mixer taps. We would ask you, in any case, not to waste water wherever possible.
  • The showers have a mixer tap with an internal thermostat, which makes it possible to keep the water at the desired temperature, avoiding the waste that would otherwise occur through the manual adjustment of the temperature.
  • The Jazz Hotel uses eco-friendly detergents, but with a view to limiting the excessive use of electricity and water, we would ask you in any case to let us know, by means of the card in your room, when you would like your towels to be changed, thus allowing us to avoid unnecessary washes.
  • Please remember that the courtesy toiletries are replaced each time they are used and, due to their dimensions, they cannot be recycled.

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