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  • Exclusive discount of 10% on all rooms, always
  • Minibar free for the first night
  • Flexibility for changes and cancellations
  • Free room upgrade (subject to availability)
  • Early check-in and late check-out (on request and subject to availability)

Jazz Hotel

Sardinia starts here

Sardinia starts here. Situated in an enviable location, the Jazz Hotel is at once the perfect starting point for a relaxing holiday and the ideal base for the modern business traveller.

Located just 500 metres from Olbia airport, 2 km from the centre of Olbia and a few kilometres from the most stunning beaches of northern Sardinia, the design of the Jazz Hotel is geared towards comfort, with an all-encompassing sense of refined freshness.

It is a successful encapsulation of authentic hospitality, where everything is at your service, with a view to fulfilling your every wish and making you feel very much at home, no matter how far away from home you may be. It's all about piquing your curiosity and helping you relax, to make you perform at your best.

Jazz is on the cutting edge, it is discreet taste, it is a great start to the day, it is irony and fine dining, it is the art of knowing how to travel, and it is above all about knowing how to sleep.

This is where we are. With our smile and our commitment to offering you the best, so that you leave with the desire to return.

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